Welcome to Andrea Frazer Writes!

If you’ve landed here, there’s a decent chance you have an amazing book to write but you have one of two hairy scary problems:

  • The Bad News: You are likely frozen in fear or paralyzing uncertainty.
  • The Good News: I’m here!

Calling Female Non-Fiction Writers & Female Business Owners!

These are the two type of women I coach:
  • Non-Fiction Writers: Women who want to write books rooted in wisdom, humor and spirituality. (All that pain you went through? You’re a warrior and now can help other women transform through your experience!)
  • Kick Ass Entrepreneurs: Women who run their own businesses and need short e-books or paperbacks to establish them as experts in their field. (Hello speaking gigs, TV gigs and book signings!)
Whether you choose to write your book through private one-on-one sessions or part of my community book writing classes (both in person and online) together we will dig deep, unapologetically connect with our authentic truth and kick fear to the curb.

My latest book, Write Like a Mother, is self-published through Day Publishing.

I currently spend my days as a sought after freelance writer & book coach, helping women create books for traditional and self-published markets rooted in wisdom, humor and spirituality.

Let Me Help You Write Your Book

It is my absolute passion and honor to help women write and publish the books that will transform others through their experience, strength and hope.

Tip: The most important person who will heal is YOU – and you can only do that by doing the one thing you’ve been dreading doing: You must WRITE YOUR BOOK.

Write Like A Mother

From Paralysis to Publishing

With vulnerability and radical joy as our motto, we will give ourselves permission to journey into the depths of our souls. Together we will:

Crush Doubt, Transform Our Mindsets and Publish Our Books!

And – while we’re at it – let’s eat tacos. Tacos make everything better. Welcome home! Your soul and stories are safe here.

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