Trusting My Unknown Future to a Known God

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Hello, people! Welcome to my new website. As you can see, I’m using this as both an online portfolio, a place to advertise classes, and a place to blog. I’ll be adding stuff over the course of the next month, so I’m open to suggestions, comments and feedback on things that look wonky.

What’s the same about my new blog?

* It’s still me in all my rambling and neurotic glory

* It will still cover Tourettes on occasion

What’s new about my blog?

* It’s going to cover a lot more topics than just tics. It’ll be more of an overall lifestyle blog, like when I wrote at

* It’s going to be more about “me” and my quest to find balance as a writer, wife and mom. I’m hoping this will jump-start “you” to be your best self, as well as inspire you as you connect to other women doing the same

* It will have a decidedly spiritual bend – specifically Christian.

Oh, no, she’s one of “those” writers now?

Yeah, I guess. I have steered clear from that in the past, not wanting to alienate folk who were undergoing challenges and didn’t share my beliefs. But here’s thing: For me, there’s simply no way to undergo challenges without faith. On many occasions, I have gone from defeated to elated simply by saying, “Thank you, Jesus.” I don’t have to love my circumstances, but I can be thankful while in my circumstances.

There’s so much uncertainty in my life right now. Where the heck am I going to get full-time work? What’s going to happen with my husband’s new biz? My best friend is getting divorced and moving far away – who will replace her? What’s going to happen when my mom sells my childhood home? Where will my kids go to high school? (It’s only a few years away, folks. Don’t roll your eyes at me.)

If I can’t turn over my fear and anxiety to something bigger than myself (in my case, Jesus) then what choice do I have but to think and think and think and go crazy with the worry?

When I say, “No, Andrea, it’s not about you, it’s about God,” I have peace that transcends understanding. Some call that false optimism. I call it Jesus. And for that I’m so thankful – if not for my circumstances – for a God that is with me during rough transitions.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Whether or not you believe in Jesus, I hope you’ll continue to read here. I plan on sharing my doubts, my fears, my hopes for my children, my husband, my friends and ME! Yes, last I looked around, I was important, too! And so are you!

What are your dreams, friends?

What are your hopes?

I hope you’ll dream with me, share with me and connect here. I can’t wait to post again soon!


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