About Me

I’m Andrea.

I’m a book coach and writer who helps women transform their lives through the power of writing and healing their very own story. And I just don’t talk the talk, I walk the walk.

My Writing Experience

I won Playwright of the Year, as well as received my degree in Writing, from UC San Diego. Post-graduation, I spent the following 30 years earning a living creating content for (but not limited to):

Following My Gut – My Biggest Accomplishment

Despite many years of outer success, there were plenty of years where inside I was a mess. I simply did not trust that the gifts placed inside of me were something I could count on.

Fighting my instincts rather than healing the wounds blocking my continued success, I took quite a few detours (including drinking and various ridiculous, soul sucking gigs) before getting sober and surrendering to my true calling: writing and teaching other women to step into their true power, heal and write!

It’s not too late for you to follow your gut.

The Upside?

You live as a free woman.

The Downside?

You have to unabashedly put a knife in the heart of lifelong perceptions of yourself that tell you “You are not enough.” “You don’t have what it takes.” “Who are you to write a book?” You have to ruthlessly protect your soul, like you would your child, and tell those lies to “BACK. OFF.”

If your inner child is screaming “Yes! I want to tell fear to take a hike!” but your mind is screaming, “OH HELL NO” this is where the power of coaching comes in. I will be by your side as you cancel the contracts you unconsciously signed that are causing you to suffer.

I will help you create new internal agreements by encouraging you to tap into your inner resources – the God of your understanding – to heal your personal story in order to put your new story on the page.

My Personal Guarantee

If you don’t like the liberation that comes with publishing your book or healing your story, you can always restore your misery by choosing victimhood and shame. (But you won’t. It’s too fun over here in the light!)

If you’re tired of ignoring that small, steady voice inside of you that is whispering, “Write your book! Heal your life!” then check out my Services Page.