I have been reading you for years and want to write myself. Will you help me start my own blog and help me with content?

Yes. I will point you toward a professional website builder I trust. Once your site is created, I will create an editorial calendar for you that showcases your topic, your style and will begin to attract readers to your site.

I want to write for magazines. Can you teach me to query? What is a query?

Through my online writing classes/support groups, I will take you through a four-week class that will teach you the best strategies to get your work published professionally.

I need a ghostwriter, but I also need folk to think I’m creating writing my own content. Can you swing it?

No problem. I create fresh, relevant content for companies and business owners who need a little editorial help. I am a fast study who will quickly understand your voice – or help you create  new one that is more engaging. As a storyteller with a strong marketing background, I understand what kinds of copy lend value to your readers lives.

Can you turn around 40 product descriptions that will sell ice to Eskimos and make water filters sound sexier than a cabaret?

Not only that, I can make it rhyme, make people laugh, and bring more traffic to your site through effective online marketing.

Are you available to work on site?

Yes. I live in the Los Angeles area and would be happy to consult for you in person.

Do you charge for conference calls or video chats once hired?

No. That’s just part of the gig. I prefer to do most of our communication through email, but it’s also good for me to meet your team and hear you describe something in your voice.

What do you charge?

It honestly depends on the project. Ask and I’ll let you know.

We have a website, but it’s awkwardly written and probably has grammatical errors. Can you help?

No problem. I will send you everything you need in Word and let you go head and upload it to your site.

Can you write our press release? Will you also distribute it?

I would love to get your product in the limelight by writing a glowing press release. But I won’t distribute it. That’s best left to a PR pro.