From Private and Group Coaching to Editing and Healing Circles, I’m here to take you from feeling “Not Enough “to “Enoughness.” And in that space of serenity – which can only come from letting go of your old mindset and stepping into the life your Higher Power has planned for you – I will help you unshackle your soul so you can do the one thing you were born to do: WRITE & HEAL YOUR STORY.

As women, we spend so much time caretaking for our kids, grandkids, friends and family. What if you finally took the plunge to care take for the most important person in the pack? You.


Write Like A Mother

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  • Weekly 3-Hour Sessions: Includes peer review of work, weekly goal setting and personal guidance on each step of book concept/writing/publishing
  • Access to me via email 5 days/week
  • Daily Meditation: There will be a drop in Zoom every day, Monday-Friday, where I will present a short meditation and then we will all silently, and collectively, work on our books.
  • $525



  • Current Classes:

This class is for the mama of a Tourette Syndrome child looking to go from Fearful to Fearless in raising their incredible kids.

Format: A teaching from me based on my experience raising a child with T.S./Journal prompt/Community share for support and healing.

  • Weekly 2-Hour Sessions.
  • $199

This will be a cross between The Artist Way and The Four Agreements where, through journaling, we break the old agreements we unconsciously signed that keep us trapped in suffering.

Format: A teaching from me/Journal prompt/Community share where together we create new agreements that put us on the road to healing and freedom

  • Weekly 2-Hour Sessions.
  • $199

Did you know that you can DECIDE to take life less seriously? This class will focus on tips and tricks to change your mindset and change your life, allowing freedom from anxiety not just for you but for everyone in your life (your family and friends will thank you)

Format: A teaching from me/Journal prompt/Community share where together we learn how to lighten up and enjoy our lives despite hardship.

  • Weekly 2-Hour Sessions.
  • $199


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